I Am... My Father's daughter, a proud strong Native woman, Noble...and Humble, Raw and Wild, Vibrant and Subdued,  Elegant and Plain, Respectful yet incredibly Passionate.  An instrument of the Creator, a spiritual being nourished by creativity and expression and empowered by His Spirit...  I want... to always walk in beauty, to live only this moment, and the next.  I have... passion, fire, hope, faith, unconditional love

I Wish... Often, hard and deep...and then I go make my wishes
my reality...

Donna Moose is our supercutie beader chick from Winnipeg. She currently is keeping extremely busy beading for us and has no time to submit her biography. Donna is a strong and proud Native sister and she looks forward to adorning your feet with charm and elegance, so that you too, may Walk-N-Beauty.
Nickie Leon is a Cherokee/ Metis who was raised on the Qualla Boundry. She started beading when she was about 5 years of age and has sold beadwork on the pow wow trail in the Great Lakes area for about 20 some years. She has been desiging beadwork sets for dancers all over Turtle island and has been selling at many stores and galleries.

Christy Anderson from Oklahoma attended college on an Art Scholarship and her beadwork is worn by many champion powwow dancers. She has made everything from barrettes to buckskins and enjoys making regalia and helping to keep the culture alive. Christy started beading as a child and she was beading her own outfits by age 14. A sampling of her work is available at http://www.littlecrowtradingpost.com/pagebead.htm 

Meet the Beautiful Beaders of WNB
Barbara Rosebear is Ojibway from Red Lake Reservation in Northern Minnesota.  She is a full time beader and enjoys taking care of her grandbabies.. Barb is single, good looking and seeking a healthy strong Native man to come sweep her off her feet, or at least do the yard, clean the house and cook some frybread.  Contact us here if you have a friend .... lol :)  AYYY

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Jerri Anderson
Head Designer & CEO
Joni and Teri Ann Nelson (sisters)  from Red Lake Minnesota
Joni and Teri Ann are long time beaders from the Red Lake Reservation in Northern Minn. They enjoy beading and family.Proud Ojibway girls from the north country.