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Where can I buy a pair?
The shoes are only available here at or by phone, 239-218-1491 or at Powwows or Conferences that I announce ahead of time. 

How much do they cost?
They are 150.00 a pair, plus shipping.  US priority mail runs about 12.00 and in Canada it is 22.00

I’m a shop or gallery owner.  Do you wholesale?
Sorry.  I’m not able to wholesale at this time the designer line.  The Designer line is the Native handmade line. I am presently working on the retail line that is totally manufactured, but not native made or assembled.  WNB goal has been to carry 2 lines, the designer handmade line, which you currently see, and a retail line that is less expensive and soon to be available in stores.
Are you only offering these 8 beaded designs with 3 heel heights?
I am Slowly building the range of design offerings as funding permits. I have many different styles I want to create including a mans sandal.

How can I pay?
We can accept secure online payments via most major credit cards, and money orders through the mail. No checks please.

What is your return policy?
All sales on made-to-order shoes are final. If the shoe doesn't fit, it can be returned UNWORN and in new condition for a shoe in the correct size.

When will they be done?
Completion date will depend on the design, and base-shoe availability, and orders that are currently being processed. Since the shoes are handmade and assembled except for the wood shoe base, it does take time to make each pair.  My goal is to ship shoes within 14 days.

Every client of Walk-N-Beauty receives personal and attentive service.
We at WNB considers and treats all our customers as all our relations.